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Tue, 9th Aug 2022

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”.

(Benjamin Franklin, 1706 - 1790)

Successful leaders know exactly what competent, professional and reliable advice obtained at the right time means to them as they make the many decisions they need to make every day.

In our Corporate Advisory Division we develop industry, market, and operational understanding, which we work with our clients to translate into strategic initiatives that define their business and deliver the desired results.

Whether your advisory requirements are speculative, to enhance performance, or to redeem a situation gone bad, you can expect from us a quick and competent interpretation of your requirements, as well as practical, implementable solutions that meet your expectations in every way.

The thousands of hours we have accumulated on client assignments across the world gives us formidable understanding of various complexities and guarantees our ability to consistently deliver advisory that works.

The changing shape of growing competition, evolving regulatory environments, and the endless race to the bottom, are just a few of the many compelling challenges that businesses are faced with in their effort to survive, remain relevant, competitive and profitable. 

Over the last ten years or so, increased access to readily available, flexible and affordable funding has further lessened the advantage that big budgets give to firms that have them.  This has put pressure on businesses to find creative means of building and sutaining competitiveness.

When all is said and done, reorganization of business models, prudent financial structuring and the effective use of technology – backed by good leadership – cut the difference between successful enterprises and not-so-successful enterprises.

These are the areas we work with our clients to optimise.

Our Corporate Advisory work is based on the amount of knowledge and understanding we have developed, and continue to develop, on different markets, industries and business sectors. 

Our well advanced capabilities for market, industry, business and function analysis give us an edge when it comes to isolating performance concerns.  In this regard, interpretation of presenting situations makes up 40% of our clients’ business solutions.

Another 30% of the work we do with clients entails testing of viable options to identify solutions, the results they are able to obtain and the degree of success with which they can be adopted by the client.

The balance of our work on typical advisory assignments involves close collaboration with the client to provide the support needed for the successful execution of agreed strategic initiatives.  Through a variety of arrangements, we take due responsibility for the results of our work and especially seek to build our clients’ capacity to independently walk the strategic paths chosen.

We maintain a seamless engagement process in which our clients have free and unrestrained access to consultants and administrative contacts at ARTEMIS Transition Partners, which allows the client to maintain the level of control satisfactory to them on any one assignment.

We may not take all the credit for the results our work achieves, but we are definitely proud to be associated with our clients' success. 

Though specific results on a particular assignment depend on the unique objectives of that particular assignment, our work has delivered a wide range of outcomes including the following;

  • business growth in real terms
  • increase in market share
  • more robust capital and revenue structures
  • redesign of business operations to align them to specific business goals
  • enhanced operational efficiency with direct effect on customer service and the cost of operations
  • successful execution of various corporate restructuring and investment projects

These are just a few broad outcomes of the work we do.  There are lots of other gains at both operational and strategic levels that we work with our clients to achieve.

What area does your advisory engagement seek to address?

Organisational performance concerns manifest in explicit observations: teamwork is replaced with suspicion and a heightened sense of territorial protection, the company's leadership increasingly focuses on processes, growing reference is made to policies and procedures in the conduct of business, good employees leave and competition begins to be felt more. Customer complaints increase, market share drops and the business' profitability dips. If at any time you will engage a management consultant or any other form of advisory, what area will your advisory engagement seek to address...


The factors that determine how a business performs are many and varied.

In our experience however, there are core elements and relationships that determine the degree to which performance can be optimized.

These are the patterns we work with clients to create and re-define.



To give you some idea of what you might expect from our engagement in Corporate Advisory assignments, we have detailed a few client cases in each of the areas we consult. These are only a sample of the work we have done but nonetheless give a fair view of what we do.

Notwithstanding the similarity of circumstances, there are many variables to consider on each client assignment and it is therefore, important to note that these client cases are only illustrative. They are hugely summarized, and their purpose is not so much to give an account of the engagement, as it is to demonstrate what some of our clients have engaged us for, and to offer you some assistance in determining the pitch you may want to give your advisory engagement.

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