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+254 20 231 5530
Tue, 9th Aug 2022

We are a team of professionals guided by a set of traditional values that we profoundly respect.

Our firm is built on five core values that shape the way we feel, think, act and relate with our clients, and within ourselves.

These values are the foundation of our client relationships, and the basis of our internal commitment to team and personal success.

We judge our performance as an advisory firm against global best practice and not by circumstantially acceptable standards.

Professional excellence in all our engagements is the foundation of our brand promise.

Our commitment to global best practice continues to be the basis of developmental change within the firm, matched by an equal commitment to localizing and contextualizing global standards to meet our client’s unique requirements in all our areas we work.

We have built our reputation on reliability – reliability in the delivery of the promises we make, reliability of the information we give, reliability of our proposed solutions, and reliability of our commitment to seeing our partnerships flourish.

This is a distinguishing character for us and a principal reason we expect our clients will want to engage with us; as new clients, past clients and at every stage of our ongoing engagement.

Being an advisory firm, our clients expect us to be icons of integrity both in our areas of professional practice, and in other spheres of our personal life.

We build our relationships on integrity and the mutual pursuit of common good.

Client orientation is a key imperative in our strategic positioning, and a major differentiator for our firm.

We dedicate ourselves to understanding our client’s situations, and respond to them with spontaneity, flexibility, and speed.

We go to great lengths to understand and respond to our client's requirements, and, indeed, for us “It is only good, complete, or working when the client says it is”!

We would not be able to deliver on our clients’ expectations if we did not deliver on our own.

We are, therefore, held together by a strong, shared belief in the value of what we do, and consciously seek to maintain close bonds of trust and support of each other.

We maintain open, objective and engaging relationships, sustained on mutual responsibility and accountability for the team.

Our focus at all times remains on achieving shared outcomes through individual and collective effort.

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