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“One of the biggest challenges that CEOs face is maintaining a competent and reliable team, especially in leadership positions; a challenge complicated all the more when team members are "just OK"; they're not ripping off the business, nor are they sleeping on the job; they're just there...”

Even the best strategy could come to naught if put in the hands of people without matching knowledge, skills, experience and attitude

Through our People Performance division, we work with clients that are committed to equipping their people with superior capabilities in order that they make the best of their contribution to achieving shared results.

Our experience in this area enables us to deliver tailored solutions through which our clients are able to achieve demonstrable impact to the business.

We translate knowledge and understanding into drivers for competitive performance.

Assuming an effective business strategy adequately resourced, identifying the right combination of knowledge, skills, attitude and experience is the next imperative for success.

Through our work in people performance advisory, our clients are able to maintain the best fit possible between their people and organisational performance requirements.

We work with different organisations to optimize organised application of knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience in the actualisation of strategy.

Your people can give you a major competitive edge, as many organisations are increasingly realising.

This is the edge that we work with our clients to achieve.

People, like other capital resources, perform optimally under specific conditions, and depreciate in value if neglected.

Our years of experience in people performance advisory give us valuable insights on how to variously integrate people performance with corporate strategy to obtain real business benefits.

Corporate learning and development is an area in which we have built outstanding capabilities and excellent relationships with leading corporate organizations.  We have a range of development programmes designed to equip persons in different roles in the business with what it takes to propel their performance forward in a competitive environment.

Our Recruitment function aims to support our clients' efforts to maintain performance capabilities suitably matched to business requirements.  We recruit, and head hunt high performance individuals in specialist areas, and deliver to our client methodically determined shortlists of probable persons to fill identified roles within their business.

To complement our other people performance solutions, we also work with clients to optimize organizational models, improve performance management processes and to establish approaches to the acqusition, development and and retention of talent.

Organisations are increasingly appreciating the unique contribution that people resources make to competitive positioning.  Customers, suppliers, and business partners want to deal with knowledgeable, confident, and motivated employees at all levels.

With our people performance solutions, you can expect valuable improvements in the following areas among others:

  • integration of evolving knowledge, skills and experience with your company's changing circumstances
  • shaping of organizational culture and operational practices
  • structured career development for people in different roles
  • strong leadership within your organization’s operations
  • increased clarity and relevance of performance management processes
  • succession planning that responds to your business’ requirements
  • cost savings from reorganization of human resource capacity
  • easier management of organizational change

Your people are important; don’t lose them; your people can deliver a lot more; help them to; we can work with you to achieve your people performance objectives; let us.

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Our work in People Performance aims to match available knowledge, skills and experience to business requirements, and to bridge emerging capability gaps as the business environment and performance requirements evolve.

Consistent achievement of desired results in a challenging and stimulating enviroment motivates performance.

This is the environment we work with clients to create and redefine.



To give you some idea of what you might expect from our engagement in People Performance assignments, we have detailed a few client cases in each of the areas we consult. These are only a sample of the work we have done but nonetheless give a fair view of what we do.

Notwithstanding the similarity of circumstances, there are many variables to consider on each client assignment and it is therefore, important to note that these client cases are only illustrative. They are hugely summarized, and their purpose is not so much to give an account of the engagement, as it is to demonstrate what some of our clients have engaged us for, and to offer you some assistance in determining the pitch you may want to give your advisory engagement.

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