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Welcome to ARTEMIS Transition Partners

As an advisory firm committed to achieving distinguished results, we find much to share with those committed to achieving, and maintaining, distinguished results in what they do.


It is this commitment to excellence that bonds us to our clients.

Our clients rely on us to provide practical advisory solutions in various areas, through which they advance their competitiveness and achieve desired results.

Advisory that works

The inimitable advantage

Our clients take time to think through what they want to achieve, because they know that well thought-out and effectively executed strategy cuts the line between leading organizations and those that they lead.


Drawing from our deep understanding of a variety of markets, robust financial analysis and a well developed capacity for business modelling and performance metrics, we work with our clients to develop knowledge-based growth and competitive strategies that deliver lasting results.


We understand the need to build businesses on well-grounded strategies and our tried and tested methodologies deliver just that.

Our clients also want to build and maintain defining competitive advantage, which can only be based on  Valuable, Rare and Inimitable(VRI) resources.  This is where leading organizations place the people factor.


We work with clients to match people to organizational roles; to equip them with competencies necessary for achieving distinguished results, and to develop ways of measuring and evaluating performance.


These are the areas our clients focus on as they strive to ensure that day-to-day activities yield optimum results, maintain competitive advantage, and that the work environment remains fun to be in.