Consider this

Worldwide, there are about 300 million persons trying to start some 150 million businesses annually.

About 33% of these are launched, bringing 50 million new firm births each year; or about 137,000 per day.  Very nearly the same number of active firms, approximately 120,000, fold up each day across the world.

  • In the UK, for example, only 68% of registered businesses survive beyond three years; 53% beyond five years, and only 32% survive beyond ten years.​​
  • In Canada, about 145,000 businesses start up each year, and about 137,000 declare bankruptcy over the same period.
  • In Kenya, 60% of businesses fail within their first two years of operation.
  • 53% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) fail within the first three years in New Zealand.
  • In Brazil, out of the 1.6 million new businesses that open every two years, 652,186 (41%) close down within three years, with 51% closing before they are two years old.

These realities persist despite the existence of a sound, tested and growing body of knowledge on which viability and sustainability of enterprise can be pre-determined, optimized, and various risks contained.

This is where we make a difference...